How we work

First conversations and arrangements

After receiving your first phone / email, we will call or write back to you, offering a meeting over a cup of coffee or via Skype where we will discuss your expectations and the scope of the work we will need to do. We will carry out a questionnaire, so we get to know you better, then take note of your dreams and desires, which allow us to tailor our planning to make your Big Day as special as possible. If you live outside of the country, you will receive everything in the form of an e-mail. The first meeting is non-binding and free.


The second stage is presentation of a detailed description of our services including in the agreement. After signing it, we move onto the organization of your wedding and reception. From now on, you can be sure that you have chosen professionals. We will do our best to relieve you of unnecessary stress providing peace of mind and saving time, so that you can focus only on yourselves and the pleasantries of the preparation for marriage.


You can be sure that we are with you throughout the preparation period, from the very beginning to the end. We manage the wedding budget previously approved by you, all schedules, we keep the deadlines and payments so that nothing surprises you. There are no secrets here. We consult everything with you, so that you can trust us with 100% and that you feel safe and confident that your big day will be perfect.

The day of the wedding and reception

From the early morning we will make sure that everyone has fulfilled their duties and everything is prepared as it should be in accordance with the agreed schedule. We supervise the whole ceremony, ensuring it proceeds according to the plan. Should any unplanned or emergency occur, we are there to ensure minimal impact and make your day as stress free as possible. We make our final settlements and at this stage our cooperation is slowly coming to an end. You have great memories to last a lifetime with you husband/wife and we take great satisfaction in being involved in making it happen for you.

We work with passion, which is why your happiness and good are most important to us. Let's fill it with a smile and it will be perfect!

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